How To Build The Strongest Foundation For Your New Startup

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Readers get in touch with us all the time with questions about business and blogging. One of the most common questions we get is this: What do I need to get started? They almost always have a fantastic idea. It’s that spark of a concept that gives people inspiration and drives them to start a business. But, that alone isn’t enough to create a successful business. The thing that new entrepreneurs struggle with is everything that goes around it.

Today, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what you need to put in place first. We’re talking about the planning stages of your startup. Now, the more you can do at this stage, the better. The best companies take this planning and research stage very seriously. They know that to take their business to the next level, they need strong, solid foundations.

Business plan

A thorough business plan is the single most important thing you can do in the early days. It gives you direction and goals. It helps you identify your place in the market, and craft a unique selling point. A business plan is your roadmap to success. Use it to present your target audience, a mission statement, and an actionable profit plan. How exactly will you make money from the business? A business plan is also essential if you want to secure funding from the bank or investors.

Strongest Foundation For Your New Startup

Startup funds

That leads us nicely onto point number two. If you’re serious about building a successful business, you need to gather a pot of startup funds. This is the cash injection your business needs to get off the ground. Every company has their unique startup needs, so costs will vary. Calculate how much money you need to set up your business, and start making a profit. Then, outline where that money will comes from. Will you borrow from the bank, approach friends and family, or seek angel investment?

Legal business structure

When you start trading and making money, you’ll have to report your earnings to the tax man. That means registering your company with the government. Now, there are a few different options available here, each with their legal requirements. Freelancers, for example, will choose the ‘sole trader’ option. There is also the ‘partnership’ route, or the full-fledged ‘limited company’. It’s best to discuss the options with a lawyer and professional accountant before deciding.


It’s never too early to think about security, and almost every business owner wishes they’d put provisions in place sooner. As a business, you’re vulnerable to data breaches and theft from inside and outside the company. If you plan on storing customer data, you need a serious solution. It’s worth investing in a data centre build to create a good foundation for your information. It will allow you to backup your information, and keep data secure from day one. If you don’t, you may find yourself in trouble down the line.

These are the essential foundations of your business. Make them as strong as possible!

How To Market Your Unusual Business

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Does your business idea seem rather peculiar and unusual? You may have got the funding for the original concept. But perhaps now you are wondering how on earth you are going to market it to the general consumer. That's your first mistake right there. You're actually not looking to market to the general consumer at all. Instead, you should be focusing on the niche market.

Chances are if you see your business as weird, then you are going to have a specific customer that it appeals to. That’s who you need to focus most of your marketing on. After that, you can start to think about ways to expand your business to a bigger market. So, let’s look at some marketing tools for your niche business.

Guest Post On Specific Blogs

Blogging is a relatively new form of marketing but it certainly does work. You need to seek out blogs that are related to your unique business idea. For instance, perhaps you are marketing a device that opens milk cartons easily. Yes, I stole that from Friends. But, if you were you would be looking for a blog about family life or mums at home. Then you could write a quick post about how to make home life easier, include morning breakfast routines and slip in a link to your product. It’s that easy and you’ll soon find new customers are flocking to your site.

Invest In A Specialised Marketing Campaign

Did you know there are marketing companies, set up for specific unique companies? If you use them, they’ll know exactly how to put your business on the map in your niche market. So, let’s say you’re looking at how to build cannabis websites, just as an example.  The sale of cannabis is legal for recreational use in states across America. Since then selling it has become an increasingly popular start-up venture. It can be very profitable but only with a specialised marketing campaign. Your marketing company needs to know the exact type of people you are looking to cater to.

Have Fun With It

If you’ve got a business that’s difficult to market to the masses, you have got to have some fun with it. Be creative when choosing how to advertise your product or service. Remember, if you can get people to start sharing a fun advertisement for your business, you are already on the road to success. But your campaign must be eye-catching and interesting. Your website has got to be visual and dynamic. If you have a unique business than the best way to market it is to show just how unique it is.

Use Social Networks

Expanding on this idea, it’s important that you become more active on social media. This is one of the ways that you can move your niche business into a bigger market. By blowing up on social media, you’ll catch the attention of the masses. You need to make sure you are constantly interacting with potential customers through social media. That way, your company will be on everybody’s mind all the time. Remember all businesses start out as a niche brand and then they expand. It’s time for yours to do the same.

5 Ways To Take Your Business To The Next Level

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Every business has a next step. Even the biggest companies in the world are looking forward, and planning the next big leap. Just take a look at Google. Despite dominating the internet search world and email, they’re always taking a new step. They’ve just announced driverless cars, and renamed the entire company!

Good businesses aren’t afraid to take risks. They push the boundaries further and further. As an entrepreneur, you should follow their lead. Is your company ready to take the next big step? There are few simple ideas you can implement to start the process rolling.

1. Strengthen your website

Before you make big, major changes to your company, make sure your optimising everything at your current level. If there are existing problems, you’ll simply make them worse by expanding. So, make sure your existing website is watertight, and working at its best. What are your current sales and conversion figures, for example? Speak to CRO consultants to analyse how well your conversion rates are performing. Get SEO experts to see if your search engine visibility is strong enough. Strengthen your website now, and when you expand, it will be ready!

2. Set new goals

When you run a business day-in-day-out, it’s easy to become blinkered. You become quite single minded, and focus solely on the workings of the company. The trouble with this approach is that you never look up. You never glance towards the horizon and envision a better future. Take a second to step back, and set new goals. The first step to moving forward is setting a strict course to follow. Setting goals is like giving yourself a road map.

3. Find a new audience
One of the best ways to take your business to the next level is by looking further afield. If you’ve been focusing on your local area, maybe it’s time to expand to a nationwide audience. Or perhaps the target audience is shifting. Consumer habits and trends change faster than you could imagine. Try to identify new markets and new demographics that would respond to your product. We’ll bet that a lot has changed since the last time you did audience research.

4. Increase your marketing budget

Taking your business to the next level means boosting sales. It’s as simple as that when you look at it. The only way to do that is by reaching more people. That means pumping more money into your marketing budget. Make your message reacher further and wider than ever before. You need to gain more attention online, and draw more traffic to your website. Of course, make sure it’s targeted at the right people, but make sure it’s strong.
5. Look for investment

If you’re going to embark on these large scale changes, you’re going to need some money! Increasing marketing, strengthening your website, and reaching a new audience requires cash. Perhaps now is the time to seek investment. It will help you fund that next step, and provide a bigger return.

If you’re thinking of expanding, make sure your current level is watertight. Make sure there’s plenty of demand. If you scale up with problems, you take those problems with you! Good luck!

We're Excited About These New Gadgets, You Be Should Too!

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Technology continues to become an even bigger part of our lives. Think about what you are reading this article on. The majority of you are probably using a laptop or a tablet, but one day you might be using something similar to the seemingly abandoned Google Glass. As tech becomes more integrated into our lives, amazing advances are going to keep improving and shaping the world. Here are just some of the pieces of advanced tech that we are looking forward to buying in the next few years.

Printer Pen

A rather special advanced gadget because it is already available to buy. Remember, when you were younger, and you wished your pictures would come to life. If you drew a tall building, you wished it would tower over your head. If you created an animal, you imagined seeing it standing next to you.

Well now, all that can come true with an incredible new piece of tech, the 3D printing pen. With it, you can draw the images you want and then build them effortlessly through a smart printing device. We think this little gadget is amazing and can’t wait to get one in our homes. If you feel the same, you may want to read review a couple, different models. There are quite a few to choose from, and you want the best.

VR And AR Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets were brought into the market back in the 2000’s, purely for gaming. However, due to undisclosed reasons they were quickly taken off the market, rumoured to be bad for people’s health. After all, doctors have warned not to sit too close to a TV so it can’t be good for our eyes to have a screen across them, no matter how incredible it sounds. But now VR and HR are both making a massive comeback in the gaming world.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been marketing their own, new versions of these headsets for the past few years. The first is rumoured to hit stores in 2016 with the second model following later that year. While these models are to be introduced for gaming, the possibilities are endless. Imagine, if you could teach children about space by transporting them to a virtual Mars. That’s exactly what was showcased with the AR headset being introduced by Sony.

2015 Arrives

The movie buffs will know that 2015 is the year Marty Mcfly travelled to in Back To The Future: Part II. Although the peculiar clothes people were wearing are nowhere to be found, we can deal with that. They did look rather weird. But, one gadget we hoped would have arrived on the world market by now is the classic concept of a hoverboard.

The hoverboard was a wet dream for every teenager, child...and adult, that saw the movie. Now, it is finally starting to become a reality. While there are still a few kinks to work out, videos are starting to appear online of developers testing the very first hoverboards. Now, where are we on those flying cars?

In every industry, it’s an exciting year for tech, and we can’t wait to see what other gadgets will be announced.

Top Real Estate Business Plans

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Real estate Business plans are precise and should be followed promptly to gain profits in this business. The property dealers in Noida sometimes tend to overlook the main prospective of the property and bring it forward to the client. Instead they maintain a general overview of the entire plot which may not be that efficient and fruitful. The specifications of a certain property are:
  1. The FSBO of a real estate- FSBO or For Sale by Owner is one of the important criteria of selling properties because the real property holders tend to avoid the middle communication and deal with the client directly to avoid a huge amount of money in commissions.
  2. Vacation spots – Those buyers who want to buy vacation spots have separate requirements than those who prefer to buy residential apartments.
  3. Waterfall Properties- Though it is quite similar to vacation spots yet few locals also tend to buy a waterfall property for residential purpose. 
  4. The Investor also is more aware of the market situations and hence the real estate agents in Noida need not take the buyers several times around the plot before the actual transaction is made.
These key properties determine the selling of a property and the agent’s capability in dealing with them. The popular plans that one can go for in this real estate business plan are- Real Estate management Business plan, Mortgage Broker business Plan and Houseboat Rental business plan that deal with house on lakes.

Top Real Estate Business Plans

The Property Dealers in Noida has great properties to evaluate by the buyers. A construction group in the name of Mahagun Moderne provides 2BHK flats at a price of Rs 78 lakhs. This project is under construction and possession would be given by 2017. Its designer constructions with best amenities and great product quality would likely attract more customers. The apartments are of 3 and 4BHK also which are in the form of Duplexes.

The real estate agents in Noida are proud to bring over clients to this under construction project, to give them the best luxury at a feasible rate. The amenities include in house music and Dance academy, with a tennis court and play school within the compound.

Another property showed by the real estate agents in Noida is the Shiv Shree Sai Residency to the mediocre people of Noida. It’s built up carpet area is 1300 square feet with 3BHK provision in a feasible price rate of Rs 30 lakhs. They provide the opportunity of 60% home loans from the National Banks and provision of schools, hospital, ATM are very near in the locality. It has features such as water purifier, power back up and fire alarm in the compound.

A prestigious apartment distributed by the Property dealers in Noida is the Parsvnath which is sold at a price of 1.3 crore with 4BHK apartments. The luxury apartment bears entire wood work with amenities such as gymnasium and swimming pool and a shopping mall in the vicinity.

How Can My Website Attract More Visitors?

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It's a question that most website owners have posed at one stage or another. After all, visitors are essentially virtual customers that lead to real profits. They are the key to the long-term success of your online venture.

Maybe you’ve launched your own blog. Or perhaps you are trying to take your existing business venture online. Either way, there are various benefits to be had from achieving success on the internet. If this isn’t already a major priority, you’re doing something wrong.

The World Wide Web can feel like a minefield, but it’s pretty simple really. If you can make your website stand out and resonate with your intended audience, it will be a success.

Appear On Google

Arguably the most important resource for building a better web presence is Google. It is still firmly the number one choice for finding information and shopping for specific products and services.

If your business ranks highly on the results page, you stand to gain a far greater number of visitors. The best way to achieve this is with a dedicated SEO plan. Visit for more information.

Blog & Vlog

For many people blogging is their primary source of income. However, even if you don’t plan to make big money from these ventures, they can be a very handy asset for your website.

Posting a blog on your website gives people another reason to visit. Once they have, the chances of them using other areas of the site is pretty solid too. Meanwhile, uploading videos to YouTube can allow you to advertise the website too. If you are looking to monetize it, these tips should come in useful.

Attract More Visitors

Interesting content can help you strike a chord with your target market while they may also spread the word to friends that they think will like it too. Make it fun, and these ventures won’t even feel like work.

Interact With Customers

Like YouTube, platforms like Twitter and Facebook are a great way to recruit new followers in an entertaining manner. However, social media can also play a vital role in building great relationships with your visitors.

Using social media for customer care is a great way to gain the trust of your customers. Meanwhile, engagements make them feel like participants rather than bystanders. Your brand is putting a smile on their face, which can encourage them to think buying your products will do the same.

Aside from a few human essentials, most purchases we make in life are made on impulse. Our emotions play a huge part in those decisions. As a business, you should look to capitalise. Building relationships is the key.


Advertising still plays a huge part in business, but the internet has created a far larger number of options. Online streams like Pay-Per-Click advertising are often cheaper. Better still, they tend to get better results too.

As consumers, we've all been swayed by clever advertising in the past. The great thing about web advertising is that you can tailor them to target certain demographics. Pinpointed marketing; better results.

Just make sure your graphic designs are appealing. Otherwise, they'll just get ignored.

Blogging For Your Supper: How To Make Money From Your Readers

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As a blog owner, you will no doubt have to pay for domain names and hosting fees. Some people's fees aren't much more than the price of a fast food meal. While others could end up paying hundreds, if not, thousands each year!

Bloggers tend to write about topics they are familiar with or just to share an insight into their lives. Many of those sites have a lot of traffic. What some blog owners don't realize is that they could earn some money from their sites.

If you want to quit your day job and earn a living from blogging, today's handy guide is for you! Keep reading and I'll share with you some tips on how to make money from your blog.

Sell some ebooks

Are you an expert on your chosen blog genre? If so, you will no doubt love to share your knowledge and wealth of experience with others. But, why give away that information for free?

Ebooks are a brilliant way for bloggers to sell their expert knowledge online. People will pay money for useful, good quality content that gets delivered to them via ebooks. They can get read on ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle, for example. Or they can read your ebooks on their computers.

Blogging For Your Supper

I recommend offering plenty of content in your ebooks. That's because buyers won't be happy buying something that's only got five pages! Of course, that doesn't mean your ebooks must be several hundred pages long either!

Use affiliate links

Do you often talk about products and services that people can buy over the Internet? If so, you will no doubt link to product and service pages on other sites as a courtesy to your readers.

Did you know that you can make money from your blog by monetizing those links? The way that affiliate links work is simple. Someone clicks or taps on your external links and get forwarded to the target site as normal. Except a cookie gets stored on their computer with your affiliate ID.

If they buy the product or service you linked to, you'll get a commission for your efforts! There are scores of affiliate link schemes available. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay also offer "partner" schemes like that too.

Set up an ecommerce store on your blog

The beauty of blogging platforms like WordPress is that they are flexible. You can turn part of your blog into an ecommerce site, so that you can sell things online!

For example, let's say that you've got a blog dedicated to computer programming. You could sell things like books, tutorial DVDs and more.

Now, you might be wondering how you're going to afford to buy such stock for your ecommerce site. The good news is that you don't have to do that!

You could set up a "storefront" on your blog and use a drop shipping service. That is where you pay someone to send stock out on your behalf, so that you don't need to keep an inventory of items. You could also use schemes like Amazon Associates.

Thanks for reading today’s handy guide!