How to Use Technology To Make Your Business Safe & Secure

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Technology can be very helpful to business owners in 2016. Amongst other benefits, it’s great for keeping your business safe & secure. How can tech do this? Have a read of the points below:

Use Advanced Door Locks

Locking your doors with a key, or a classic bolt lock used to be a great idea. Well, it used to be the only idea. You had nothing else to choose from. Now, there are advanced door locks that can keep your business premises safe. Things like keypad locks are highly popular in offices these days. Instead of using a key, you have to input a code for the door to unlock.

Only people that know that code will get through the door. You can take things a step further and install locks that use palm/fingerprint recognition. Obviously, this type of technology costs money, and it would be foolish to have it on every door.

Instead, you should consider using it on important doors. For example, the door to the owner's personal office, or the door to your data server room. Either way, using advanced door locks is a splendid idea.

Use Motion Sensor Security

Your business is most at risk when everyone has gone home, and it’s empty. This is prime time for criminals to try and break in. One way you can keep them at bay is by using motion sensor security. Set up some motion detectors inside your premises.

 Use Technology To Make Your Business Safe & Secure

If they detect any movement at suspicious hours, they’ll sound the alarm. This will startle any burglars and get them running away. It can also send a notification to the police alerting them of the break in.

Use Cloud Services To Secure Business Data

It's not just your office security that you have to worry about. A real concern for modern business owners is keeping their data safe and secure. In years gone by, you could get away with storing all your data in physical files. You’d lock them away in a cabinet, and they’d be safe.

But, obviously, if someone breaks in and takes the cabinet, they’ve got all your data, and it’s gone forever. So, technology advanced, and we became able to store things in folders on a computer. This was great until hackers came along. People can hack your network and access your data with ease. Plus, if your computer breaks, all that data is gone.

Nowadays, the cloud is here to save us all. By using a cloud computing provider, like TierPoint, you can safely secure your data. If you store things on the cloud, it means they’re backed up to a safe place. It also means hackers will have a hard time accessing it. Another example of how technology can keep your business safe and secure.

I've given you three examples of how tech can make your business a safer place. Of course, there are other examples out there too. The important thing to remember is that technology is your friend. Use it in your business to reap the benefits.

5 Things To Look For In An SEO Consultant

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There are plenty of reasons why you might consider hiring an SEO consultant for your business. There's freeing up your time, for a start. And, you may not have the skills or knowledge needed for search engine success. But, whatever your reasons, it's important to choose the right consultant or firm to work with you. The big question is: how do you do that?

In this guide, we're going to look at some of the qualities you need to look for in an SEO consultant. In an industry awash with false promises and nefarious practice, it’s vital to understand who you are bringing on board. Let’s take a look at some of the key points.

White hat approach

There are a few ways of approaching SEO. The first is known as white hat SEO. It's about ticking the boxes that Google and the rest ask you to, and playing a straight game. Then, there’'s the black hat variety. This is when you try and game the system in your favour. You should avoid this as much as possible, as it will only end in tears. If your site is flagged, you run the risk of getting a penalty, and your rankings will crash. So, go for the white hat SEO. It might take longer, but it will be safer for your online presence.


Another important thing to look at is their previous success - preferably in an industry like yours. Ask them for a list of clients and to see their previous work. If they don’t want to share any details with you, it’s best to walk away. Of course, you might not get to see anything in great depth - trade secrets, and all that jazz. But, you should, at least, have an overall view of what they did and the success they brought to the table.

Measurable success

It’s also important to understand how your SEO measures their own success. If they just talk about traffic increases, then it should be a warning sign. It's not enough to have more visitors to your site - particularly as more than half of them could be bots, anyway. Instead, quality SEO services will talk to you about the quality of your traffic. It's way more important than the amount if visitors you receive.

seo consultant

Valid link building strategy

Links are essential for climbing the search engines. However, not all links are a good thing. If your SEO can find you high-quality links from trustworthy websites, then that's a good sign. But, if they use low-quality sites, it’s only going to cause harm to yours. Make sure that their link building strategy is sound - there’s some excellent advice here.


Finally, even the world’s best SEO can't guarantee you a number one spot on Google. So, if you hear that promise made to you - run a mile. Anyone that says that is lying, or at the least, is using questionable tactics to make it happen. In fact, any wild promises should draw the same response. Honest SEOs will be straight up with you, and keep your expectations grounded.

How To Use Design To Boost Your Business Performance

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If you are struggling to get ahead with your business idea, then there are probably a few things you have been looking at. Your product is the obvious starting point, and then there is your marketing strategy. But, have you ever given thought to using design a little better? It brings a host of opportunities for business improvements, and in this guide, we're going to explain some of those for you.

Differentiate yourself

What makes you different from everyone else in your industry? It’s worth thinking about because design
can make those differences apparent to your customers. And, they will be more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Take the Apple iPhone, for example. In essence, it does everything that other smartphones do, other than it does things in a certain way. IPhones are easy to use, they are iconic, and they tie in well with the system they live within. It’s simple stuff and it’s all down to good design.

Integrate it into your strategy

There are countless websites out there that have poor design, and look as if they have been cobbled together at some point in the late 1990s. And, it’s often a surprise to the website owners when the modern consumer turns their nose up at it. It can be an expensive and tricky task to go back to a website
and implement better design over the top of the old one, and still function properly. So, make sure that design is integral to your strategy from the ground up.

Boost Your Business Performance

Learn about design

Design is often thought of as an extremely creative field, and to some extent, that is correct. However, anyone can learn about basic design principles and use them to hire the right people, or come up with a better product. Let’s say that you are starting a new marketing campaign, and want to come up with some great flyers, leaflets and brochures. Try InDesign training classes by Training Connection to help you learn the basics involved, for example. Don’t be put off by the arty aspect of design. It’s vital that all business owners know a few fundamental principles in this day and age.

Maximize your chances of success

Design for business isn't about coming up with an idea out of the top of your head. It is an awful lot more to it than that. You have to have an idea of what your potential customers want, and how they will react when they use your product. There's a need to test your marketing campaigns and convert, whether they are online or from printed materials. And, of course, you need to have concrete objectives in place to ensure you can measure your success.

Modern design isn’t fluffy it is measurable, scientific, and provable. Get all those right, and your product, campaign, and website will perform a lot better. OK, so that’s all we have time for today. We hope this has given you a little glimpse into the importance of design, and how you can use it for your business. We’re open to suggestions, too, so let us know if there are any other benefits you can think of when it comes to design for business.

5 Shopping Tips - Get Rid Of Unwanted Expenses

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“Shopping”, a methodology used for the fanatic shoppers who could blow up on their salaries just when received, that to for a sole reason, an endeavor to shop for. This madness, while passing through the numbers of flat or upto nearly 50-60% off, makes the shoppers gullible enough to be the retailer’s food for feast. Such crave, a reflection of hungriness over products required, doesn’t pass need time to grab wallets and pressurize out the money from it. And this stupid act has to be avoided when petty things aren’t a matter of need or consideration. So guys, buckle up to save some percentage of your income and try not to give up the whole titanic amount on shopping. For the same, we have come up with few pointers which would help you save up on your wallet tears.

Prioritize needs over wants 

Always keep this in mind, opt for needs over wants when you have a tight pocket fill up. A dilemma distinguished between that of needs and wants would always arise when you go out for shopping. But skipping out on the wants would clear the way for elementary needs required which are the most pioneer in stand. Suppose you get tempted to rent a car for your holiday through usage of Zoomcar offers and to accommodate yourself in a hotel, what would you choose? In this situation, accommodation is a higher requirement than renting a car, categorizing it as a need. Hence, whenever wants and needs are into picture, grab the latter one.

Avoid tips

This pointer is especially when a customer visits a restaurant for the services he/she demands. After having a delicious meal for the tummy, tips now-a-days are like bounded chains by our wrists which force us to pay it. This socially related drama doesn’t support in any sort of savings, it always endorses the way of expenditure. Out here, tips mean in a literal any service provided to customers and not just for food. Tips such as for parking vehicles, to security guards outside a pub, to the operator who operates the technical issues in an amusement park etc.

Check for discounts and coupons

An intelligent customer for shopping a good or service would check out on discounts and coupons associated with that particular merchandise. If done so, the good is to your doorstep with an ease of saving money by not spending an amount which was before adding up the discounts. For example, Freecharge cashback offers can be used for discounted rates on your bill payments.

Shopping Tips to Get Rid Of Unwanted Expenses

Compare prices

This pointer is in an absolute need these days especially to snatch products related to technology or any gadgets associated for daily usage. Suppose a person wants to change the phone. He/she must first check the prices online on different websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc, or visit a coupons/deals site like GrabOn to receive a best quote on that phone. After a thorough knowledge after comparing the rates, he/she should place an order.

Get insurance done

Don't put yourselves in a hurdle of bewildered thoughts, because out here, insurance doesn’t have to do with your health or children plans, insurance of a valuable machine purchased, such as an automobile or a cellphone is considered here. On getting the needed insurance, if any sort of external damage is under threat of atrocious times, then you would just have to pay a minimal amount to exchange the product or get it repaired.

Starting a Business in Foreign Country - What You Need to Know

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In times when the world is becoming a single economic system of interconnected units, businesses can be started and conducted in other countries, as well. The calculation is pretty simple – if establishing and running business in your own country will cost you more than starting it somewhere abroad, the smartest option is launching it in a foreign country. However, there are certain things that you should pay attention to.

Labor cost

Every business owner wants to find an appropriate balance between their own income and their employees' wages. CEOs of large companies situated in developed countries realized at the peak of the yuppie revolution that their employees' salaries would eat their economic surplus. Since this revelation coincided with the reforms in China at the beginning of the 1980s, new space was created for foreign investments.

The combination of cheap workforce and foreign money created a powerful economic alliance. This path should is still followed by successful companies – foreign countries with higher unemployment rate have lower labor cost, so they are a great choice to start a business. Also, you might want to have a look at the labor participation rate, which is a fine indicator of unemployment.

Political conditions

Of course, investing in a foreign country without a prior analysis of political conditions in it would be a suicidal move. This is why a startup launcher has to have a deeper insight into political conditions in their target countries, because politics dictates economic trends, as well. When Poland was part of the Warsaw Pact, its economy was a drowsy, cumbersome system. However, since its accession to the EU in 2004, this country has developed significantly. Now dozens of foreign companies move their plants and offices to this blooming economy. However, since the EU has been going through a political crisis lately, today you should consider starting a business in South America, which is becoming a haven for foreign startups. 

Local companies

Entering any market without a local ally is a risky venture. You might not be greeted with a warm welcome and local companies could cause troubles if the local government is easily corrupt. To avoid being treated that way, you should establish partnerships with local companies. You have to offer something to the local authorities and the local economy, as well. For instance, you could hire a certain number of local workers, to help that area grow together with your company. By establishing cooperation with the local companies, you will be perceived in a positive way, which will enhance your community involvement.

Business in Foreign Country

Taxation (over)regulation

It is strange how some regions and countries do their best to alleviate the process of launching startups, while some others try hard to make that procedure as complex as possible. Also, taxation regulations are closely related to the competitiveness of those countries in business terms. The more business rules there are, the more taxes you have to pay and vice versa. If you want to learn more about countries with the lowest tax rates in the world, read this article, brought by Business Insider.

Legal practice

Last, but not the least is getting familiar with the legal practice in the country you want to become your business base. You have to know what obligations and rights you have when you register as a business entity. What is more, you should know what type of entity to register as. To gain this kind of knowledge, you will have to use business legal advice and find out everything that might help your business develop in the right direction.

Launching a business outside your country is a bold move, but it can bring you higher income. Of course, gathering enough information about different locations before you make up your mind is crucial. Our little guide should help you choose the right place for your business future.

Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make About SEO

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If there is a centre of the internet marketing world, it’s almost certainly SEO. However, it’s also true to say that there is no marketing term that is more widely misunderstood. Except perhaps augmented reality and that’s nowhere near as awesome as it sounds. Most business owners probably have some form of knowledge about what SEO is and how to use it. But do any full understand it? We’d argue not or else the people who provide it as a service would be out of a job. So, before we go into the common misconceptions, we should quickly examine what is SEO is.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you think about when you search for something online, you’ll know you don’t usually type in a domain name. Instead, you’ll type a keyword or phrase into a search engine. You’ll then scroll through a couple of the million results that appear. You probably won’t even both going past the first page. Some people won’t go any further than the sponsored links. SEO will make sure your business appears on the first page or couple of pages. If you think of the internet like a grid of roads SEO provides the signs that get customers to your location. Or, more specifically, your website. Now you know what it is, here are some of the mistakes and fallacies to avoid.

It’s So Simple A Monkey With A Laptop Could Do It

No, afraid not. Even in it’s simplest form SEO is quite a complex process. In it’s simplest form we just mean using the right keywords. After all if you use the keywords as much as you can on the site, you’ll be found right? Again, probably not. But let’s assume for a minute that would work. You’ll have to be careful that those keywords are used naturally. As well as this, you need to know how to use headlines that sync to SEO. Remember the good old who, what, where and why, from English lessons? That’s all you need in your headlines, and you’re guaranteed to boost your SEO. At least a little. But, surely you realise if SEO was that simple everyone would be able to do it, and therefore, no one would have it.

Mistakes Business Owners Make About SEO

SEO Is Just Keywords And Links

Ah, well it isn’t you see. SEO is actually made up of a whole bunch of different things. For instance, you may be quite good at using social media to boost your profile. We certainly hope so because if you are, you’ll see your search ranking online increase. The more information you get shared, the higher your site will be. We hasten to add this means you should be using the dreaded and annoying hashtag. Statistically using hashtags have been proven to increase the chance of shares. So, #smarttip we suppose.

SEO Is Free!

Well, it could be and this type of SEO is called organic. It’s a nice way of saying you haven’t paid for it. But, we wouldn’t expect you to see great effects because most companies are paying. They’re getting the professional SEO service. You can read more about this on Investing in a professional service is recommended. DIY SEO might get you on page ten, but a professional will get you at the top of page 1. Don’t expect many users to be patient enough to find you on page ten.

SEO Is All I Need

Sorry, guess again. You can use SEO with great effect certainly. You’ll get more traffic to your site, and that’s an advantage. But, it’s not the end of the story because you have to think about what happens next. Do they stay on your site or do they move on? This brings us to things like CRO. CRO stands for conversion rate optimization and is just a fancy term for turning viewers into customers. You need to make sure your site is attractive, or they won’t commit to a purchase and your SEO will be quite useless. Have a look at for some key information. 

White Label SEO Is An Awesome company!

Have you heard of White Label SEO? It’s the bee's knees for a professional service. Except it isn’t because it doesn’t exist. You might have heard the phrase White Label, and believed it’s a business. But it’s actually just a description. Some SEO companies use outsourcing, and that’s exactly what white label is. Most of your SEO service won’t be completed by the company you’re dealing with, and you’ll never know.

We hope we’ve made SEO a lot clearer for you. Remember SEO, is essential to your business. But you will need other forms of marketing as well.

Company Name Generator – Top 3 Business Naming Tools

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If you own a business website or blog, you will require a good domain name to attract customers to it. An attractive and effective domain name plays a very important role in deciding the success of an online business.Also the name must be sensible and many times represent the purpose of your website. Sometimes it is very hard to come up with such names, but to solve this problem there are many free name generator tools available on the internet that are capable of generating sensible good company names as per your wish and requirements. Here are the top 3 company name generator tools that you can use.

1. Panabee

Panabee is a company name generator for online business domains that creates efficient names from the keywords that you enter in it. Also it identifies the domain names that are available and could be used by you as your domain title.

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2. Wordoid

comany name generator
Wordoid is a very unique business name generator that is very easy as well as convenient to use. One of the most impressing thing about Wordoid is that it can generate business names in five languages including English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. It also gives the user an option to choose the quality of the word from high to low. High quality words are very meaning full as well as easy to understand while low quality words may or may not be meaningful.

3. Namethingy

Namethingy is another very popular online name generator tool which gives you the suggestions for domain names as soon as you enter their website.

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Around 90% of names that are suggested by it are available to use as well as the random combination of words that the tool generates remains under the control of the user. User also has the option to control the length as well as adding custom words to the generated word if he or she likes.